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Apples For Better Health And Weight Loss

We all know that fruits and vegatables are important food for our diet to keep us healthy. The apple seems to be the most overlooked. When we thinks of fruits and vegatables apples are the last to come to mind. With the old saying; “An apple a day keep the doctor away”, why don’t we eat more of this amazing fruit?

Apples help regulate blood sugar in the body and if that isn’t enough they also reduce bacteria in the digestive tract which is one of the major heath benefits. With these changes in bacteria levels in the large intestine metabolism is also changed.

Apples contain about 15 percent of the recommended daily alowance of dietary fiber and about 12 percent vitamin C and at about 80 calories they won’t have a dramatic effect on your calorie intake. They also contain water which none of us get enough of. We should all drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day. With most of us optioning for the cup of coffee in the morning or soda with lunch – a couple of apples a day could help add a little water to your daily intake.

Apples have great antioxident benefits decreasing the oxidation of cell membrane fats.What does this mean? Basically, oxidation of fat in the cell membranes that line our blood vessels contribute to clogging of the arteries and cardiovascular problems. I’d rather have an apple than that!

There have been many studies on the apples’ ability to prevent the risk of cancer. Most results show a major effect on Colon, Breast and Lung cancer. I’m not saying this fruit can cure cancer and the studies only showed the risk reduction compared to people who didn’t eat apples. It does make sense though that with the antioxident and anti inflammitory properties found in apples that it would help prevent some disease.

To lighten the mood after all this talk of disease. I wanted to point out that the apple was first referred to in the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Supposedly after Adam ate the apple it gave him knowledge of all things about the earth and the environment he and eve were in. There is also a story in Norse Mythology about a magic apple that could keep people young forever. My kind of apple! Johnny Appleseed was a real person named John Chapman who walked barefoot across thousands of miles planting apple trees that provided food for settlers. This happened in the 1800’s.

With all this in mind doesn’t it make sense to eat an apple a day?

So, let’s review;
Apples are low in calories and fat, contain carbohydrates, are a good source of; fiber, vitamins and minerals, have a high water content, anti oxident properties, possible cancer preventing properties, detoxifying effects, bacteria reducing effects.

The soluable fiber also helps in weight loss because it makes you feel full longer. The fiber actually expands in your stomach. The apple is a much better food choice to reach for when you’re hungry and want a quick snack.

Reach for an apple!

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