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Low testosterone doesn’t have an age constraint as to when it’ll hit. It might be when you are in your thirties or maybe not until your fifties. If you notice you are knackered more often, depressed, putting on pounds, less muscle mass, or the desire, though not the facility to have sex, you could be afflicted by low testosterone. It’s best to go to your surgeon to have it checked out, and then you can decide what you want to do to raise the level up. It can be by a prescribed treated by your surgeon or by doing it naturally.

Testosterone levels decline at a steady rate so if you’re in your twenties it is a good idea to start raising your testosterone levels naturally so you will be able to maintain those higher levels later on in life

A way to raise your testosterone level naturally is control your weight and if you’re overweight, start watching your diet, but attempt to not lose more than one pound a week. When you’re carrying extra weight, it may raise your estrogen level and decrease your testosterone level. Yes, estrogen is a control chemical that is present in ladies, but men have it to. It’s what turns into testosterone for men. Now if you’re just one or two pounds fat, you won’t have to worry, but if you’re over thirty percent chunky this can happen.

It isn’t a brilliant idea to go on a low cal diet because if you are actually working out, your cerebral cortex gets the signal you are starving, especially if you reduce your calorie intake more than fifteen p.c. When this occurs the production of your testosterone ceases although it is waiting for the famine to end.

Rather than choosing a low carbohydrate, high protein diet, ensure that you intake of protein is on about sixteen p.c of the calories you take in a day. Too much protein will have the reverse effect on what you are endeavoring to do.

Scientist in Germany have discovered that having sex will cause your testosterone to start circulating a lot so if you have sex when you get up it will really help to kick start naturally your testosterone surge.

This isn’t everyone’s fave natural way to lift testosterone levels, but you must have a strict exercise programme and not only a regular one either. You want to make certain that you’re using exercises that are compound weight lifting, which will train big muscle groupings, but not smaller muscles. A number of these exercises include military bench presses, and back rows. Make sure that you only do three sets of each compound weight lifting exercises, but only 5 reps. Ensure that you rest a minute between each set.

Although you may well think that coaching more you’ll raise your testosterone level, but it will actually have the wrong effect by as much as 40 percent. Ensure that you let your body rest between sessions.

Your body needs satisfactory calories to make testosterone so eat a sandwich in the afternoon and nuts as a late night snack.

by Brad Millen

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